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Telkomnika: Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics, and Control, Vol. 13 No. 4, December 2015

1.) A Polynomial-based Pairwise Key Pre-distribution and Node Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. --Fatemeh Banaie, Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno, Ismat Aldmour, Rahmat Budiarto.
2.) Research on Electromagnetic Excitation Resonant Sensor Based on Microelectromechanical System. --Gang Li, Xiaofeng Zhao, Dianzhong Wen, Yang Yu.
3.) Research on Silicon-based Planar Spiral Inductance Coil Based on Microelectromechanical System. --Gang Li, Xiaofeng Zhao, Dianzhong Wen, Yang Yu.
4.) Fundamental Review to Ozone Gas Sensing Using Optical Fibre Sensors. --Michael David, Mohd Haniff Ibrahim, Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus, Tay Ching En Marcus.
5.) FPGA Implementation of Low-Area Square Root Calculator. --Aiman Zakwan Jidin, Tole Sutikno.
6.) Image Encryption using Simple Algorithm on FPGA. --Barlian Henryranu Prasetio, Eko Setiawan, Adharul Muttaqin.
7.) Correlation of Student’s Precursor Emotion towards Learning Science Interest using EEG. --Norzaliza Md Nor, Abdul Wahab Bar, Sheikh Hussain Shaikh Salleh.
8.) Dynamic Stability Improvement of Multimachine Power Systems using ANFIS-based Power System Stabilizer. --Agung Budi Muljono, I Made Ginarsa, I Made Ari Nrartha.
9.) Power Characteristics of Wireless Charging for Sensor Networks in Tunnels. --Xiaoming Liu, Enjie Ding, Duan Zhao, Youfang Yang.
10.) Comparing Performances of Evolutionary Algorithms on the Emission Dispatch and Economic Dispatch Problem. --A.N. Afandi, Irham Fadlika, Andoko Andoko.
11.) Modelling on Tracking Test Condition of Polymer Nanocomposite using Finite Element Simulation. --Fatin Liyana Muhamedin, M. A. M. Piah, Nordiana Azlin Othman.
12.) Current Ripple Analysis of New Double-Stator AC Drive Systems. --Irham Fadlika, A. N. Afandi, Pekik Argo Dahono.
13.) Routing Algorithm Based on Area Division Management of Node in Wireless Sensor Networks. --Gao Wei, Song Yan, Shuping Fan.
14.) Enhancement the Performance of OFDM based on Multiwavelets Using Turbo Codes. --Sameer A. Dawood, F. Malek, M. S. Anuar, HA Rahim.
15.) A Novel Approach to Optimize Cognitive Radio Network Utilization using Cascading Technique. --H Venkatesh Kumar, M.N. Giriprsad.
16.) Influence of Sensor Nodes on the Invulnerability of Tree Network. --Lifeng Jiang, Fengming Zhang, Rennong Yang, Kun Xu.
17.) Energy-efficient Routing Model Based on Vector Field Theory for Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks. --Ming Li, Huanyan Qian, Min Xu.
18.) Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Nonlinear System. --Xue Xiao, Zheng Zheng, Dong Haobin.
19.) Modeling of Buck Converter Models in MPPT using PID and FLC. --Chandani Sharma, Anamika Jain.
20.) An Automatic Calibration Method for Near-infrared Camera in Optical Surgical Navigation. --RongQian Yang, Xuan Si, QinYong Lin, Ken Cai.
21.) Control System for Nutrient Solution of Nutrient Film Technique Using Fuzzy Logic. --Muhammad Naufal Rauf Ibrahim, Mohamad Solahudin, Slamet Widodo.
22.) Image Restoration Based on Hybrid Ant Colony Algorithm. --Yan Feng, Hua Lu, Xiliang Zeng.
23.) Distinguish Sea Turtle and Fish Using Sound Technique in Designing Acoustic Deterrent Device. --Azrul Mahfurdz, Sunardi Sunardi, H. Ahmad, Syed Abdullah, Nazuki Nazuki.
24.) Image Denoising Based on K-means Singular Value Decomposition. --Jian Ren, Hua Lu, Xiliang Zeng.
25.) A Neighbor-finding Algorithm Involving the Application of SNAM in Binary-image Representation. --Jie He, Hui Guo, Defa Hu.
26.) A Sparse Representation Image Denoising Method Based on Orthogonal Matching Pursuit. --Xiaojun Yu, Defa Hu.
27.) A Novel Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Graph Cut Optimization Problem. --Zhang Guang-hua, Xiong Zhong-yang, Li Kuan, Xing Chang-yuan, Xia Shu-yin.
28.) Recognition of Emotions in Video Clips: The Self-Assessment Manikin Validation. --Dini Handayani, Abdul Wahab, Hamwira Yaacob.
29.) Transmission of Real-time Video Signal with Interference Density and Human Traffic. --Rizal Broer Bahaweres, Oki Teguh Karya, Mudrik Alaydrus.
30.) Alternative Technique reducing complexity of Maximum Attribute Relation. --Iwan Tri Riyadi Yanto, Imam Azhari.
31.) Design and Implementation of Network Public Opinion Analysis System. --Ma Junhong, Liao Na.
32.) Text Mining Research Based on Intelligent Computing in Information Retrieval System. --Yong Li.
33.) Poisson Clustering Process on Hotspot in Peatland Area using Kulldorff’s Scan Statistics Method. --Annisa Puspa Kirana, Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang, Lailan Syaufina.
34.) A New Strategy of Direct Access for Speaker Identification System Based on Classification. --Hery Heryanto, Saiful Akbar, Benhard Sitohang.
35.) A Hybrid Sorting Algorithm on Heterogeneous Architectures. --Ming Xu, Xianbin Xu, Fang Zheng, Yuanhua Yang, Mengjia Yin.
36.) High Performance Computing on Cluster and Multicore Architecture. --Ahmad Ashari, Mardhani Riasetiawan.
37.) Automatically generation and evaluation of Stop words list for Chinese Patents. --Deng Na, Chen Xu.
38.) Computing Game and Learning State in Serious Game for Learning. --Ririn Dwi Agustin, Ayu Purwarianti, Kridanto Surendro, Iping S Suwardi.
39.) Design and Implementation of A Monitoring System for Geological Archives. --Sun Min.
40.) Double Difference Motion Detection and Its Application for Madura Batik Virtual Fitting Room. --Rima Triwahyuningrum, Indah Agustien Siradjuddin, Yonathan Fery Hendrawan, Arik Kurniawati, Ari Kusumaningsih.
41.) Classification of Non-Functional Requirements Using Semantic-FSKNN Based ISO/IEC 9126. --Denni Aldi Ramadhani, Siti Rochimah, Umi Laili Yuhana.
42.) Service Engineering Based on Service Oriented Architecture Methodology. --Suhardi Suhardi, Robin Doss, Purnomo Yustianto.
43.) Evaluation of the Modernization of Hydraulic Projects Management Compact-Center-Point Triangular Whitenization Weight Function. --Li Lijie, Wang Xiao, Zhang Lina.
44.) Optimal Economic Ordering Policy with Trade Credit and Discount Cash-Flow Approach. --Hao Jiaqin, Mo Jiangtao, Min Jie.
45.) The Analysis of Rank Fusion Techniques to Improve Query Relevance. --Diyah Puspitaningrum, Jeri Apriansyah Pagua, Aan Erlansari, Fauzi Fauzi, Rusdi Efendi, Desi Andreswari, I.S.W.B. Prasetya.
Puspitaningrum, Diyah - Personal Name
Junhong, Ma - Personal Name
Yanto, Iwan Tri Riyadi - Personal Name
Bahaweres, Rizal Broer - Personal Name
Handayani, Dini - Personal Name
Guang-hua, Zhang - Personal Name
Xiaojun Yu - Personal Name
Jie He - Personal Name
Ren, Jian - Personal Name
Yong Li - Personal Name
Kirana, Annisa Puspa - Personal Name
Heryanto, Hery - Personal Name
Jiaqin, Hao - Personal Name
Lijie, Li - Personal Name
Ramadhani, Denni Aldi - Personal Name
Triwahyuningrum, Rima - Personal Name
Min, Sun - Personal Name
Agustin, Ririn Dwi - Personal Name
Deng Na - Personal Name
Ming Xu - Personal Name
Mahfurdz, Azrul - Personal Name
Ibrahim, Muhammad Naufal Rauf - Personal Name
Yang, RongQian - Personal Name
Nor, Norzaliza Md - Personal Name
Jidin, Aiman Zakwan - Personal Name
David, Michael - Personal Name
Gang Li - Personal Name
Banaie, Fatemeh - Personal Name
Prasetio, Barlian Henryranu - Personal Name
Feng, Yan - Personal Name
Ashari, Ahmad - Personal Name
Muljono, Agung Budi - Personal Name
Liu, Xiaoming - Personal Name
Afandi, A.N. - Personal Name
Sharma, Chandani - Personal Name
Ming Li - Personal Name
Jiang, Lifeng - Personal Name
Kumar, H Venkatesh - Personal Name
Dawood, Sameer A. - Personal Name
Wei, Gao - Personal Name
Fadlika, Irham - Personal Name
Muhamedin, Fatin Liyana - Personal Name
Suhardi - Personal Name
Vol. 13 No. 4, December 2015
Jurnal Telkomnika 17x21
Jurnal Telkomnika
Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
391 hlm
Box No. 31 (Akreditasi Nasional)